Welcome to my genealogy blog where I am putting on pictures that I have acquired of my family. Along with any history that I find on them. If I have met that person and can remember something about them, then I will add that story too!
Some of our family names are: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Riggs, Ralston, Parker, Maupin, Dilbeck, Leister, Smith, Clough, Bowyer, McPherson, Andrews, Howard and Allen. I will only be putting on those last names up to my fourth generation, as you will see in the tabs. If I get too many last name of a different generation, I might need to put that on also. Example: Dilbecks.
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #9

Today I am putting on pictures that do have names, but I do not know how they are related to me. Anyone in the family know these children? I have put these pictures on facebook and haven't had anyone identify them, so I thought I would also put them here.

This little girl is Vinetta Smith. Beautiful name for a beautiful child.
This second picture looks like it could have been taken in my great-granny Armstrong's' backyard, in El Centro. Anyone know of a Smith family there. I don't think these children in the two pictures are related but they are both Smith's.
Junior and Lowell or Lorrell, not sure of the spelling from on back of this picture of the little girl. It also has Aunt Grace's name on the back, so I am wondering if this picture was sent to her and maybe of a family friend?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #8

Here are four pictures for today. Can you help me identify them? Thanks!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #7

Will be putting these four pictures on of a trip from and to the Armstrong family. I know they are Armstrong's, but which Armstrong's I don't know. Can you help out?
*Update as of Aug 15, 2014 - Are these pictures of the two Maupins sisters who married the two Armstrong brothers, with their families?

All four pictures are stamped on the back with the developer's stamp dated: Aug 6, 1936.
 Could some of the people be: Uncle Ross with his first wife and baby, Jimmie Christine, possible on the far right Uncle Dale? Were these pictures taken earlier and sitting waiting to be developed. Because Mattie and Marion Armstrong family came to California in 1927. Lots of questions to be answered.
Is this possibly Mattie, with a sister and their father?

 I am wondering if this is a family trip back to Texas or Oklahoma to visit more family members. What do you think or know? Maybe this family came to El Centro to visit Mattie and Marion, as the stamp from the film says developed in San Diego.

Are these two Maupin sister's: Mattie and Ethel? or Edith?

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Henry 'Ross' Armstrong

Ross was born October 19, 1903 in Comanche County, Texas, United States. He is the oldest child of Marion and Mattie Armstrong. According to the California Death Index, he passed on April 29, 1946 in Sacramento, California. He died very young, didn't have a chance to see his children as adults, how sad. I don't know how he died. I really don't have much on Uncle Ross as he died before I was born. Just have some pictures to share with you. He was married twice, has two children by the first wife, Ruth Williams and four children with his second wife, Ruth Moore.


The 3 pictures above were taken on March 3, 1946.
On the back of this picture is says: "The little dark haired girl on the the end by Snookie is a friend of theirs." I don't know who is Snookie or the other children's name.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frances 'Marion' Armstrong

Frances Marion Armstrong was born on June 22, 1882 in Comanche County, Texas, United States. His parents are: Henry Thomas Armstrong and Sarah Jane McPherson. He died January 11, 1946, only two months after his wife passed on, in El Centro, Imperial, California, United States.
From the 1900 (June) US Census in Comanche, Texas it states that Marion is 17 years old. From this census we learn that his sisters - Dosie (20), Medie (19), Edna (9) and brother - Ray (16) along with Marion are farm workers on the farm. Sisters - Flora (13) and Mollie (11) are at school and the little sister Pearle (6) is at home. Interesting that Edna at the age of 9 is a worker on the farm, instead of going to school.

From the 1910 (May 14) US Census, Marion is married with 3 children and living in Durrant, Bryan County, Oklahoma. Here he is working as teamster.
Frances M is 27, Mattie is 25, Henry R is 6, Grace M is 5 and Harry T (my grandfather) is 1. They are renting their home. The is the first time I have seen Henry R as been called Henry instead of Ross. Most times he is called by his middle name of Ross, as is great-grandpa called Marion.

In the 1920 (Feb) US Census they are now living in Brown, Bryan County, Oklahoma. They are renting a home and have some land to farm.
Census gives names as:
Frances 37, Mattie 35, Ross 16, Gracie 14, Harry 11, Frank 9, Victor 7 and Mary 4 3/12.
On the back of this picture it says: Papa Armstrong (41), taken at their home in Oklahoma. 1924. On the bottom of the picture there is a photographer embossed stamp that reads: Edmond's Studio- Dublin, Texas. He doesn't have a goatee, it is just a branch of the tree hanging below his chin and neck.
By the time the 1930 (Apr 3-4) US Census comes around the family has moved to El Centro, California. In the Imperial Valley, part of the desert of California, next to the Mexico border.

Here they are renting a house and Marion is not working. So maybe sometime between Oct 1927 (went they moved here) and Apr 1930 is when Marion had his farm accident and can no longer work.
On the census it states:
Marion 47, not working
Mattie 45, laundress
Grandpa (Harry) at the age of 21 - truck driver.
Harry T 21, truck driver,                                                   
Victor 17, messenger-telegraph
This telegram was in Mattie's Bible and I thought this would be a good place to put it, as in the 1930 Census, it says this is where Vic worked. Wasn't it a nice surprise for his mom, Mattie?
 Mary 14
H. Dale 8
Raynell 4
As I mentioned in Mattie's post the children helped out by sending their money home to 'mama', as this is what they fondly called her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mattie Myrtle Maupin (Armstrong)

Mattie Myrtle Maupin born to Harry Daniel Maupin and Mary 'Ellen' Andrews on November 16, 1884 in Fayette, Howard County, Missouri, United States.
Married Frances 'Marion' Armstrong at the age of 18, on January 22, 1903, in Commanche County, Texas, United States.
Died before her husband at the age of 60, on November 12, 1945, in El Centro, Imperial County, California, United States.
As we can see from these dates, Mattie moved a lot in her life. In the family Bible, owned by Mattie, she writes they moved to California on October 27, 1927. A few of her sons, were already there, in which I will tell you their stories later.
Marion and Mattie have eight children, all lived to adulthood. I have met 7 of the 8 children, as Uncle Ross passed away before I was born.
I will type their names and dates of births, as it is written in Mattie's Bible.
Ross Armstrong was born Oct 19, 1903
Gracie May Armstrong was born March 30, 1906
Harry T Armstrong was born Sep 9, 1908
John Frank Armstrong was born Dec 1, 1910
Vic Armstrong was born  Nov 28, 1912
Mary Armstrong was born Sep 20, 1915
Hughie Dale Armstrong was born March 28, 1922
Raynell Armstrong was born April 8, 1925

Mattie must have liked the little photo booth to take pictures and send to her children as I have a few of those pictures:
on back it says: Isn't this a peach - Mama 1937 (this is my favorite, as I like her smile.)
same time 1937

on back it says: not very good, March 18, 1944

different pose, March 18, 1944

on back it says: Mama, (I think this must be 1945)

Mattie must have had a hard life as a farmers wife. Sometime as a child, with her family they moved from Missouri to Texas. There she met and married Mr. Armstrong.
Date on back of picture 1923. Lived in Texas at this time.

During the dust storm and ruined crops they moved to California in 1927 will what belongings they could carry and their daughters and their youngest boy, called 'Son' or Dale. (I met him as Uncle Son.) They settled in a little valley, called Imperial Valley of the town of El Centro.
They were able buy a house with enough land to start growing their food and raising chickens.
Sometime during this period, 1927-1940, Marion, had an accident with some farm equipment, to which he didn't have the use of his brain. Great-granny Armstrong now had to find a way to support herself, her husband and what children were to left. The older boys, were on their own and sent money home to help support the family. Great-granny Riggs, kept the chickens in supply so that she could sell the eggs.

She also took in laundry and at different times had borders. It must have been hard, especially doing extra laundry, as El Centro is desert and hot in the summer time. From my mother and aunts and uncles, always said Great-granny Armstrong was so nice and pleasant. They all looked up to her, as a mother and grandmother.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Armstrong Family

It is hard to start writing when so many different thoughts come into your head and who do you start with.
I will put down the names first of some of the Armstrong family and then pictures.
My mother is an Armstrong, Emma June Armstrong, born in 1931, El Centro, California.
Her father: Harry Thomas Armstrong, born 1908, Commanche County, Texas, died in 1972 California.
His parents: Frances Marion Armstrong, born 1882, Commanche County, Texas, died 1946 in California.
Mattie Myrtle Maupin born 1884 in Missouri, died 1945 in California.
Frances Marion parents: Henry Thomas Armstrong born 1853, in Alabama, died 1924 in Gorman, Texas.
Sarah Jane McPherson born 1860 in Texas, died 1930 Eastland, Texas.
Henry's parents: James Barr Armstrong born 1816 in South Carolina, died 1883, Texas.
Elizabeth Jane Porter born 1821 in Tennessee, died 1878 in Texas.
James Barr's parents: William Armstrong born 1786 in South Carolina, died 1856 in Alabama.
Harriet Rachel Barr Robinson born 1785 in South Carolina, died 1854 Alabama.
William's parents: William Armstrong, Sr. born 1765 in Ireland, died 1834 in South Carolina.
Sarah Barr born around 1767, died 1785 in Virginia.
William Sr.'s parents: Samuel Armstrong born 1742 in Ireland, died 1809 in South Carolina.
Mary Ann Boyd born around 1744 in Ireland, died 1840 in South Carolina.
Samuel's parents: William Denus Armstrong born around 1704, in Scotland, died 1760 in Scotland.
Margaret Hamilton born around 1707 in Scotland, died (date unknown) in South Carolina.
I am going to stop here, as I have not research from William Armstrong, Jr. and back. I do not know if, William Sr and back are true and correct, as I have just found this information online. I have researched the census for William Jr and forward and find them to be correct, as far as the census records are.
I can for sure tell you the spellings as I do each child of Frances Marion (1882) and Mattie Armstrong, as I do have Mattie's Bible and she wrote her children's name and spelling of how she wanted their names spelled. I know that some of the children spell them different, but I will put on how Mattie did it, along with other spellings I have found.

This is where I would like to start. With 'Marion' and Mattie Armstrong. From what I have read and found, Frances Marion, was called Marion.

These two pictures, we are told from my mother, are pictures of their wedding day.
January 22, 1903, in Commanche County, Texas.

Marion and Mattie's children from 1913 in Oklahoma. Back row, left to right: Ross, Gracie, Harry (my grandfather). Front row, left to right: Frank and Vic. Marion and Mattie also have 3 more children not born at this time.

Marion and Mattie's final resting place is in El Centro, California. (Thanks L. Morasca for the picture.)
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #7

Cute little boy in the wagon! Sure wish I knew who he was?
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #6

The first two pictures that I am putting on today, I think may be Sonny. Can anyone confirm this for me.
Can you see the two ladies in the background? Who are they? Picture #12.

Picture #13.
I have four more to add on for today. They are simiular, yet quite differernt. Any suggestions on who they are would be appreciated. Thanks!
Picture #14

Picture #15.

On the back of this picture, the stamped date is May 18, 1943, Pauls Valley, OK. Picture #16.

On the back of this picture all you can read is that this child is 1 year old. Picture #17.
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