Welcome to my genealogy blog where I am putting on pictures that I have acquired of my family. Along with any history that I find on them. If I have met that person and can remember something about them, then I will add that story too!
Some of our family names are: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Riggs, Ralston, Parker, Maupin, Dilbeck, Leister, Smith, Clough, Bowyer, McPherson, Andrews, Howard and Allen. I will only be putting on those last names up to my fourth generation, as you will see in the tabs. If I get too many last name of a different generation, I might need to put that on also. Example: Dilbecks.
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #9

Today I am putting on pictures that do have names, but I do not know how they are related to me. Anyone in the family know these children? I have put these pictures on facebook and haven't had anyone identify them, so I thought I would also put them here.

This little girl is Vinetta Smith. Beautiful name for a beautiful child.
This second picture looks like it could have been taken in my great-granny Armstrong's' backyard, in El Centro. Anyone know of a Smith family there. I don't think these children in the two pictures are related but they are both Smith's.
Junior and Lowell or Lorrell, not sure of the spelling from on back of this picture of the little girl. It also has Aunt Grace's name on the back, so I am wondering if this picture was sent to her and maybe of a family friend?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #8

Here are four pictures for today. Can you help me identify them? Thanks!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #7

Cute little boy in the wagon! Sure wish I knew who he was?
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #6

The first two pictures that I am putting on today, I think may be Sonny. Can anyone confirm this for me.
Can you see the two ladies in the background? Who are they? Picture #12.

Picture #13.
I have four more to add on for today. They are simiular, yet quite differernt. Any suggestions on who they are would be appreciated. Thanks!
Picture #14

Picture #15.

On the back of this picture, the stamped date is May 18, 1943, Pauls Valley, OK. Picture #16.

On the back of this picture all you can read is that this child is 1 year old. Picture #17.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #5

Today I am putting more pictures of children on.
She sure is a cute little girl. Picture #8
If this is Christmas time, then I would guess they are living in El Centro, California or Noble, Oklahoma. Picture #9.

Looks like the lady on the porch might be Granny Riggs, and maybe the little girl is the same little girl in the picture above? Picture #10.

Too bad we can't see they cute little faces. Picture #11.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #4

I have quite a few pictures of children in which I do not know so will post of some them every now and then. Here is a cute picture of a group of 8. Almost looks like this family had one a year for 8-9 years, except the oldest boy looks like he would be at least two years older than the next child.

Picture #6

And here is a picture of them a little closer up:
Beautiful children. Any clues of who they are would be appreciated.

The next picture is of a brother and sister. Look how cute she is looking at the cat. Children of all time periods are adorable.

Too cute! Picture #7

Here is the same a little closer up:
This picture seems to have a Maupin or Armstrong face. What do you think?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #3

Today I thought I would add 3 photos, 2 of the babies and one of a mother and daughter.

Billy Lear or Year Picture #3

This is a heavier cardstock and is 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" photo. This is the picture I think is older. Picture #4
In the pictures of the 2 babies, they seem to have the same face, but the way that they are made is different. Are they the same? Let me know what you think. On the bigger picture, on the back does give the name of Billie Lear. or Year, (but looks more like the letter 'L'). Also the two outfits are different. One being fuller than the other. The one that is more fluffy, I would think is a girl and the bigger one with Billie's name on it, I think might a boy. Can someone help me out with this???

This is a photograph of the mother and daughter. On the back it states: "Mamma's Aunt Florence and her daughter taken approx. 1908. Aunt Florence was Grandpa Maupins, sister-in-law." If she is the sister-n-law of a Maupin, then her last name is different. And I don't know what the daughter's name is. Has anyone else seen this picture and know who they are?

Beautiful women. Picture #5.
 Did look on my family tree, and I do have some women named Florence, but none are married to a Maupin.
Back of card.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #2

This photo is on heavy card stock and is split. Wish I new who this lovely lady is. Hopefully someone in my family, as it was with the family photos. I would say this picture is somewhere in the 1890's? The photographer company is Lewis of Eureka, Kansas.
Can you help me out with a name and possible birth date or death date?
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Found out who this is! A second cousin's grandmother in which I am not related to.  Elizabeth Bell Richardson, called 'Effie' (1888-1967).  Married Marshall Leroy Brown. Has 2 daughters and 5 sons. One of the daughters became my great-aunt Beatrice Boone, when she married my great-uncle Frank Armstrong. Glad to find out who this lady was, thanks, Candice! Picture #2

Friday, July 29, 2011

Forgotten Foto Friday #1

I have decided that I will try and put on a unknown picture(s) on Fridays. I have a lot of them, so who knows how many weeks it will take to get them all on. When someone lets me know the name of the person, I will share that will all of you.
My first picture is of a lovely lady. I would say this is a picture from the early 1930's, because of the hair style and the bow on the dress. It could be the late 20's, but because it has been colored in I am thinking the 30's. I took this picture and made a copy of it in black and white, just to see the difference. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks! Isn't it a beautiful picture?

On top of photograph it says: Eastman-Nitrate-Kodak 114. Pic #1
I am thinking that Eastman-Nitrate-Kodak 114, means the type of paper is it on. Just did a google search and found out the Glass Plate photographic Negatives  were done around 1929-1937 with the Kodak #114 on them. Interesting reading if you want to know about it.
Here is the picture in black and white and reversed:
Found another picture like this and it says this is Eunice 'Roberta' Stufflebean'!