Welcome to my genealogy blog where I am putting on pictures that I have acquired of my family. Along with any history that I find on them. If I have met that person and can remember something about them, then I will add that story too!
Some of our family names are: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Riggs, Ralston, Parker, Maupin, Dilbeck, Leister, Smith, Clough, Bowyer, McPherson, Andrews, Howard and Allen. I will only be putting on those last names up to my fourth generation, as you will see in the tabs. If I get too many last name of a different generation, I might need to put that on also. Example: Dilbecks.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Forgotten Foto Friday # 12

I am wondering if these two photos are the same person and are they of Loretta' Tootie' (Hune)Armstrong? Aunt Tootie was married to my Great-Uncle Son (Huey Dale Armstrong 1922-1972 ).


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lots of Unknown People #6

Two sets of mothers and daughters.

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Lots of Unknown People #5

A cute little toddler. No name or stamp or back of picture.

                                          A cute little family, again no names of photo stamp.

Lots of Unknown People #4

I haven't a clue on any of these fine looking people. Please help.

Lots of Unkknown People #3

More pictures.....
On the back of these pictures the photo stamp says: Bunnell Photo Shop 1033Sixth Street, San Diego, Aug 6, 1936.

 In the back, I pretty sure is the young boy, is my Uncle Bob.

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Lots of Unknown People #2

On these next few pictures on the back of them it just says: Sulfer. I remember hearing the place called Sulfer Flats. Anyone have an idea?? And who are these people? The pictures are very light, so I darken them and cropped them, so that I could see the people up closer.

A closer view.

Lots of Unknown People - #1

Will be starting to add some extra pictures of people I don't know. The 5 pictures shown here are some family members visiting my grandfather and grandmother in El Centro when they were first married.. The pictures on the back say from May 14, 1930. I don't know who the couple is with my grandparents. If Harry and Leona are visiting they might be in San Diego area, as the photo company was there, per the back of the photos. They made have mailed off the film to the Sunnell Photo Company and the pictures would then be in El Centro area.  If you could help me out, I would appreciate it. Thanks for coming by my blog!

Harry Armstrong sitting on the right side.

Leona (Riggs) Armstrong at this time period, is sitting on the right side.
 Harry and who?
 Who is this couple?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Forgotten Foto Friday #11

Even though there are names on some of these pictures, I do not know who they are. So, I thought I would share with you some of my mother’s classmates at the end of the school year – 1946. She went to Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. If you have parents or grandparents around this time period, maybe you might know of these people. If not, you can see what things looked like then. Isn't it fun to look backwards in time?
Most of the pictures are very light, so I tried to darken them just a little, you can hopefully see the faces better. Enjoy!

My mom, Emma June Armstrong, on left and a friend of her's. No name was on the back of this picture.

On the back of this picture it says, from left to right: Doug, Bob 3 ( I am thinking that there were 3 different Bob's that they knew, so they numbered them. My Uncle Bob being #1.),  Cecil and Tony. I remember my mom and Uncle Bob talking about Cecil.

Iggy Carmack and Patsy.

On the back of this picture I thought it was interesting that is says: "Intelligence of summer 1946." If you know of these people, please comment. Thanks.

Joyce Compton and Ester Clark.

Lois Lettington

Again on this picture there are no names.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two More Pictures of Early Utterback's

I know that the first picture is a little light, but I didn't know how to fix it. I did darken it just a little. Again these two pictures come from Gary Messinger, who got them from his mother, June. June is in these pictures. I am enjoying them, as my father is Glenn is the pictures. With June's hair this way, it reminds me of when my Cynthia had her hair cut the same style. If I can find the picture, I will put it on and you can see how she looks like June.
Left to right: William (Billy), Glenn, Geri, Evelyn, Iola, Darlene, Jack (Neile Everett) and June, are Utterback cousins. William, Glenn, Jack and Evelyn are children of William Everett and Rodetta Utterback. Geraldine (Geri), Iola and Darlene are children of 'Sis' and George Swartz. June is the daughter of  Ross and  Blance Utterback.

Sitting left to right: Evelyn, Geri, Glenn and Iola. 
Standing left to right: June, Darlene and Jack.
Iola 'June'  Utterback(1918-2014)
Darlene Swartz (1923-?)
Iola Swartz (1924-1976)
Geraldine (Geri- I don't know if this is how she spelled her name.)Swartz, (1927-?)
Everett Neile 'Jack' Utterback (1922-1986)
Evelyn Utterback (1923-2007)
Glenn Utterback (1926-2001)
William 'Bill' Utterback (1928-2003)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Extended Utterback Family

Here are some pictures of my great-grandparents and their children:

The Utterback family home.

Elizabeth and Everett Leister Utterback - 50th Anniversary picture.

Leister (1867-1940)

Leister and his dog.

Iva ( 1907-2002) and June (1918-2014) Utterback 

Iola 'Sis' Utterback (1893-1989)

Lizzie (1870-1960)

Four Generation Picture
Uncle George (1891-1932), Lizzie Utterback, Elizabeth Smith Ralston (1832-1924) and baby Robert (1920-1999).

Iza, Leister and Iva Utterback

Friday, August 1, 2014

Forgotten Foto #10

It has been many years since I have been on. Today I have use of the internet, so I am putting on two photos. I know most of the people except the one named 'Bill'.  From what I have found out, Bill was adopted or taken care of by my great-grand parents, as Bill's parents died. I would like to find out what Bill's full name is and if he was married and has children, grandchildren or great-children. This picture is taken in Spokane, Washington around 1930. Anyone out there know of him???? Please leave a comment.
Left to right: Ross Utterback, Bill?, Ivan Mitchell holding June Utterback. June is Uncle Ross's daughter.

Bill?, Iva Utterback and June Utterback. June is Uncle Ross's daughter.