Welcome to my genealogy blog where I am putting on pictures that I have acquired of my family. Along with any history that I find on them. If I have met that person and can remember something about them, then I will add that story too!
Some of our family names are: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Riggs, Ralston, Parker, Maupin, Dilbeck, Leister, Smith, Clough, Bowyer, McPherson, Andrews, Howard and Allen. I will only be putting on those last names up to my fourth generation, as you will see in the tabs. If I get too many last name of a different generation, I might need to put that on also. Example: Dilbecks.
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unknown Photos Group #2

Hope you might recognize who these people are and help me to put names to their faces. This is group 2. Most of all these pictures have the old black paper on back with glue, so it has been hard to try and remove the paper to see the writing. Some have just bits of paper removed and some have a little writing, but not enough to see any names. Most have nothing written on back. 
Thanks for your help!
Picture #11

Picture #12

Picture #13

Picture #14

Picture #15 What is he holding? On the back of this picture, it says: Carly.

Picture #16 On back it says: Scoogg or Soogg?

Picture #17

Picture #18

Picture #19 Since the stamp on the back of this picture is from Oklahoma City, I would say these ladies are Riggs or Dilbecks, or both.

Picture #20 On the back of this picture it says: Just Scotty and me and nobody to make three. No, not just yet.

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