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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Fritzlan's

When I put on the pictures of the different picnic, I couldn't keep thinking about the Fritzlans. I met them when I was young and don't remember it. When I lived in Texas years ago I went up to visit two of my great-aunts and they took me to visit (great-great)Aunt Lela in Norman. This was around 1973. I do remember that visit and she talked about my granny with such fondness. I also met her daughter Nova Lee. As I google searched her, I found out she had just passed away this year. She was 99 years old.
Nova Lee Fritzlan Frank, what a beautiful lady.
Aunt Lela and Uncle CA had three children:
Lavern Fritzlan (1910-1933) I don't know how she died, but she was way too young.
Nova Lee Fritzlan (1912-2001) Almost 100.
Robert Harold Fritzlan (1920-1989) I have seen that Robert was also called Harold. He was a Pharmacist.
I live fairly close enough to go to Oklahoma and find their children, if only I had a good car that would travel. Wouldn't it be fun to visit with more cousins!
Here is a copy of  Uncle CA (He was called CA or Alden, never Charles) and Aunt Lela's 70th Wedding Anniversary.

From the Norman Transcript, Sun, Dec 3, 1978
By Charlotte Gay

On celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. C.A. (Charles Alden) Fritzlan, will mark 70 years of marriage at a “come and go” open-house party from 2 to 4 this afternoon at their home.
The Fritzlans met when they were youngsters in Fannin County, Texas.
“We kind of liked each other.” Mrs. Fritzlan said. “As we grew up from childhood, we got to liking each other better.”
Their families moved to Cleveland County from Texas. When she was 18 and he was 21, they were married in Noble at the home of a retired minister on Dec. !, 1908.
The couple lived in Cleveland County, but also resided in Bethany for a time.
Their first child, Lavern, who now is deceased, was born in Bethany. “She was the second baby born in Bethany. It was just a school town then,” Mrs. Fritzlan said.
The Fritzlans were in the restaurant business for a number of years. They lived in Moore when the road was being paved from Oklahoma City to Norman, they recalled.
They operated a cafĂ© in Moore, later moved back to Noble and then to Norman where they worked in fraternities and sororities and operated a restaurant here. The operated the Sooner Waffle Shop for seven years and another establishment on White Street for three years. The couple also ‘traded in property.’
The Fritzlans bought a tract of land on 24th Avenue NW, which was called Fritzlan Acres. Fritzlan Road now is located there.
The couple lived on the land for 27 years, but failing health forced their move closer into the city. They have lived in their present home for six years.
“We’ve worked hard, but we’ve stayed together and never have been in nursing homes.” Mrs. Fritzlan said. “We’re thankful that we’ve lived this long.”
Her husband views marriage as a “serious proposition.” He said. “We’ve always worked together.”
Mrs. Fritzlan, who is 88, belongs to the Riverview Extension Homemakers group. Fritzlan, at 91, enjoys working in the yard where the couple has grapevines, various trees, flowers, and plants. They are members of the Noble Methodist Church.
Their two other children are Novalee Frank, who lives in Norman, and Harold, who lives in Pawnee and owns a drugstore.
Their grandchildren are Jonella Frank, who is attending law school at the University of Oklahoma; Lavina Kay Frank, who is studying to be a veterinarian at Oklahoma State University, and Bobby Fritzlan.
Will be added more to this story later.

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