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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frances 'Marion' Armstrong

Frances Marion Armstrong was born on June 22, 1882 in Comanche County, Texas, United States. His parents are: Henry Thomas Armstrong and Sarah Jane McPherson. He died January 11, 1946, only two months after his wife passed on, in El Centro, Imperial, California, United States.
From the 1900 (June) US Census in Comanche, Texas it states that Marion is 17 years old. From this census we learn that his sisters - Dosie (20), Medie (19), Edna (9) and brother - Ray (16) along with Marion are farm workers on the farm. Sisters - Flora (13) and Mollie (11) are at school and the little sister Pearle (6) is at home. Interesting that Edna at the age of 9 is a worker on the farm, instead of going to school.

From the 1910 (May 14) US Census, Marion is married with 3 children and living in Durrant, Bryan County, Oklahoma. Here he is working as teamster.
Frances M is 27, Mattie is 25, Henry R is 6, Grace M is 5 and Harry T (my grandfather) is 1. They are renting their home. The is the first time I have seen Henry R as been called Henry instead of Ross. Most times he is called by his middle name of Ross, as is great-grandpa called Marion.

In the 1920 (Feb) US Census they are now living in Brown, Bryan County, Oklahoma. They are renting a home and have some land to farm.
Census gives names as:
Frances 37, Mattie 35, Ross 16, Gracie 14, Harry 11, Frank 9, Victor 7 and Mary 4 3/12.
On the back of this picture it says: Papa Armstrong (41), taken at their home in Oklahoma. 1924. On the bottom of the picture there is a photographer embossed stamp that reads: Edmond's Studio- Dublin, Texas. He doesn't have a goatee, it is just a branch of the tree hanging below his chin and neck.
By the time the 1930 (Apr 3-4) US Census comes around the family has moved to El Centro, California. In the Imperial Valley, part of the desert of California, next to the Mexico border.

Here they are renting a house and Marion is not working. So maybe sometime between Oct 1927 (went they moved here) and Apr 1930 is when Marion had his farm accident and can no longer work.
On the census it states:
Marion 47, not working
Mattie 45, laundress
Grandpa (Harry) at the age of 21 - truck driver.
Harry T 21, truck driver,                                                   
Victor 17, messenger-telegraph
This telegram was in Mattie's Bible and I thought this would be a good place to put it, as in the 1930 Census, it says this is where Vic worked. Wasn't it a nice surprise for his mom, Mattie?
 Mary 14
H. Dale 8
Raynell 4
As I mentioned in Mattie's post the children helped out by sending their money home to 'mama', as this is what they fondly called her.

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