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Some of our family names are: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Riggs, Ralston, Parker, Maupin, Dilbeck, Leister, Smith, Clough, Bowyer, McPherson, Andrews, Howard and Allen. I will only be putting on those last names up to my fourth generation, as you will see in the tabs. If I get too many last name of a different generation, I might need to put that on also. Example: Dilbecks.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picnics!!!!! (Riggs family)

We had many, many picnics!! I miss those picnics and I am sure all who attended at least one if not as many as I did, missed them too! What fun we had and all that food! My grandmother, aka Granny to all, made great food! Although, my mom was just as good. I will be posting a few pictures of different times we had our picnics, so will start with these:

Uncle Denver, (next to him I don't know), then Aunt Alice, Granny (Leona), Grandpa, Uncle Pete, in front of him Lester Hooper, in back of Lester is Aunt Woody, back to front, Aunt Dianna, Alice and Pete Young. The young girl, by grandpa, I thought might be Barbara Riggs, but now I am thinking maybe that is Lu Carol Hooper. Do you know, so I can put the right name? There isn't a picture of Uncle Ted or Aunt Nell, so that is why I am thinking Lu Carol.
 1955 - I was almost four, Kent would have been 5 depending on the month of this picnic.
Pretty much the same people, except, Kent is in front of Uncle Denver, and I and Robert are at the table.  I also think that this is in Uncle Denver's backyard.  Isn't Aunt Dianna beautiful?

Aunt Alice, Granny (Leona), Aunt Woody, Uncle Denver. 

 All Riggs siblings, Alice Riggs Hooper, Leona Riggs Mahakian, Clara Mae Riggs Woodring, William 'Denver' Riggs.
I wonder where my parents and Uncle Bob were???? Who took the pictures? Also why wasn't Uncle Ted and Aunt Nell there? Any clues?

Aunt Alice, Uncle Lester, Aunt Woody and Uncle Pete must have been visiting, as they lived in Oklahoma. so that picnic for Granny and Uncle Denver, I am sure was special.

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